Storytelling through unique animation

Studiopanda is a multi-award-winning UK animation studio with a big mission — to help your brand tell its story through video.

With experience working with companies across industries that range from tech to education, we produce high-quality brand animations from our London and Bristol animation studios. We serve UK based and international clients and are happy to develop production either independently, or in collaboration with your very own marketing team.

As well as helping you appeal to a wider audience base, our animation company will help your brand to educate, explain, and entertain like never before. All of which will be delivered by a team of some of the best creatives, illustrators, and animators working in the industry right now.

Our Services

Music Videos

Music Videos

Short Films

Short Films

Web Series

Web Series

Each project we create is 100% unique, so our process never looks quite the same. Broadly speaking, however the steps ou can expect when developing a project with our team will include:

  • Initial Meeting

    A meeting to chat about your explainer video so we know exactly what you want to get out of it. We’ll discuss audience, art style, length and where the film will be shown.
  • Script

    Some clients like to write this themselves, some like us to do it. That’s totally up to you. If you’d like us to help you out all we need is a few bullet points about what you’d like to say.
  • Storyboard

    Armed with our signed-off script, we’ll create a frame-by-frame sketch of how we envisage your animation to flow. You are welcome to make as many edits as necessary at this stage.
  • Style Frame

    To make sure you are happy with the look and feel of your animated explainer video, we will take a frame from the storyboard and create three fully designed versions for you to choose your style from.
  • Animation

    With the script, storyboard and style frames all approved by you, we’ll then turn this into your film. We’ll handle everything from sound, voice overs, animation and editing.
  • Final Delivery

    You’ll have the opportunity to make any final tweaks to the animation before we then render out your final product in the formats you want for you to keep forever.

Why Choose Studiopanda?

The Studiopanda animation studio is a one-stop shop for your every need, and we’ve got the accolades to prove it. As well as a prestigious BAFTA nomination and winning Best Animation at the Royal Television Society awards, our animations have previously been awarded prizes at top film festivals including British Animation Film Festival, The New York Film Awards and Annecy Animation Festival. 

Whether you have a vision for how you would like your video to look or are simply aware of how much animation could boost your company profile and raise your brand awareness, our award-winning creative team are the perfect animators to bring it to life. From motion graphics to educational animations and beyond, let Infocandy bring your animation dreams to reality. Contact our Bristol or London studios on (+44) 0800 622 6443 or online today. 

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